Alex guitarist & composerCzinke

16.April 10.00 Uhr
Duo mit Anna Leman
Cafe Luitpold , München

5.Mai 20.00 Uhr
mit Matthias Gmelin (dr) & Robert Klinger (b)
Jamsession im Jazzkeller Mautnerschloss, Burghausen

8. Mai 2017 19.00 Uhr
Alex Czinke & Adrian Reiter (g)

Damelli , München

22.Mai 2017 19.00 Uhr
Duo Anna Leman 

Damelli , München

Alex Czinke & Julia Fehenberger (voc)
16. Juli 2016  Till Brönner "Faces & Places" Burghausen Fotoausstellung 2015


     feat. Julia Fehenberger (voc)
     Benny Schäfer (bass)
     Andi Haberl (drums)

22. Dezember 2014

Alex Czinke Trio  feat. Julia Fehenberger
Special Guest from New York: Alessandro Ricciarelli (voc & guitar)

Video Milla Club in München

Since I Moved The Table
CD Rezension ; Akustik Gitarre Magazin 3/2009

"Schon mal was von Alex Czinke gehört? Nein? Das mag sich in Zukunft ändern, denn die spannende Musik des Münchener Gitarristen dürfte sich bald herumgesprochen haben. Ein wenig sperrig mitunter besitzen seine Lieder dennoch enorme Ausstrahlung.
Sparsam instrumentiert zwischen Post-Pop und Jazz zeigt sich „Since I Moved The Table“ (NoantidoteMusic), elektrisch als auch akustisch instrumentiert.
Und wie „JAZZ THING“ anmerkte demonstriert Czinke hier konsequent die Reduktion auf das Wesentliche und ein vertikal ausgerichtetes Improvisieren über Dynamik, Harmonik und Rhythmik.
Der Mann hat eine Vision. Man hört das nicht nur, man spürt es.
Auffällig dabei, dass er dabei stets die richtigen Noten zu spielen scheint, ob im smoothen Bar Jazz „What Women Wish Men Wish About Women“ oder in den klagenden Noten von Good Bye Lena.
Tolles Album."

von Stefan Woldach

Keila Malpartida

w / Peter O`Mara - git, Stefan Noelle - dr, Jan Eschke - p, Florian Schmidt - b

Many Answers But No Question

w /Stefan Noelle - dr, Jan Eschke - p, Florian Schmidt - b

Cds bestellen :

Die CD Time Has Come wurde 2010 für den Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik nominiert.

Taking their cues from some of the more spiritual and celestial thinkers in jazz’s history, German group Cosmic Groove Orchestra have turned their influences into something truly transcendent. Time Has Come has a genuine vibe to it that’s fresh and unique – all the tracks were recorded live and organically, letting the instruments breathe in the room to create a hothouse of ideas. The instrumentation itself is unique – a mix of harp, electric guitar, drums and double bass. Using the harp in a jazz setting instantly reminds you of Alice Coltrane, and this debt is acknowledged by their cover of her classic “Journey in Satchidananda”.

The electric guitar really gets to shine though on “Midnight Tango”, which stumbles drunkenly at a deathly slow pace while a guitar solo glides wildly over the top playing Eastern European motifs. More conventionally, the two part “Suite Cosmique” reaches for the stars with the harp playing some glorious phrases along the way. “Time Has Come” also showers the listener in melody, with the Bill Frisell-like guitar playing recalling some of Miles Davis’s late-60s output.

Oliver Keens

The time has definitely come for the Cosmic Groove Orchestra -- a hip spiritual jazz combo, and one who makes amazing sounds on some really wonderful strings! The group clearly borrow inspiration from Alice Coltrane -- as a jazz harp is their lead instrument, mixed beautifully with guitar lines, bass, and drums -- all in a blend that has this beautifully meditative feel, while still hanging onto plenty of jazz -- as Coltrane did during her best years on Impulse Records! The concept's never too high or haughty, and there's an understated feel to the record that reminds us of some of the best Nimbus Records sides at the end of the 70s -- a spirit that's still burning bright, but with a mellow light that's totally compelling. Titles include a version of Coltrane's "Journey In Satchidananda", plus "Suite Cosmique (parts 1 & 2)", "You Know You Know", "Kanon", "Shelter", "Harp Song", and "Walzer Fur Ilse Proskauer". 

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